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About Missions - Local and Global Outreach

At Mission Bible Church we understand our Biblical mandate to spread the Gospel locally, regionally, and to the ends of the Earth (Acts 1:8). From local outreach, international pastoral training and Short-Term Missions (STM), this ministry plays a major role in our effort to make disciples.

Whether you want to GO or SEND, each MBC member has the chance to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) through multiple yearly opportunities. The countries where we send STM teams are chosen with a specific purpose in mind. Our teams are sent to strengthen the local church abroad, encourage and support missionary families, and to learn from ministry partners who serve in foreign countries. STM teams have a long-term impact because they are linked with our partners around the world.

3 Ways to Get Involved

  1. PRAY

Pray that God would bless the ministry of these teams, opening the hearts of those who receive the message of the Gospel. Without the Lord’s blessing on these trips, they will not have true spiritual success.


Partner with our teams financially. These trips do not happen without the support of specific giving. If you’d like to support a team, you can do so by writing a check to Mission Bible Church and indicate on the memo line “Team _________.”` You can also give online to an STM team member via the Missions Donate Form.

3. GO

Consider joining an STM team! We encourage people who are already being faithful in their local commitments to serve globally.

Current STM Itinerary

  • Lautoka, Fiji – November 2018 | This STM provides support to our missionary partner in Fiji through their local church, their on-site Bible College, and a local VBS. Hinduism is a mainstay in this region, making evangelism a key part of the trip.

  • Chennai, India – January 2019 | This STM is designed to support our missionary partner in India located approximately 8 hours (by train) from Chennai. Work includes one week of pastoral training for local pastors who have received no prior theological training.

  • Nairobi, Kenya – July 2019 | This STM is for the purpose of supporting our missionary partner in Kenya through ministry to children and community evangelism. Supporting their local VBS is a major focus of the trip.

Fiji Team Prayer Request

  • The people of Fiji, for their spiritual and physical needs.
  • The VBS event, our trip, our teammates, and for the kids, the families, and the individuals we will meet.
  • For our team, that we can provide all that will be expected from us, and where we can’t, that the Lord fills in the gaps.
  • For everyone to be fully fundraised so we can reserve funds for ministry purposes.
  • For missionary Premend Choy’s energy and zeal to finish out the year strong.
  • For students at the College of Theology and Evangelism to finish out their year of studies strong.
  • For a good group of volunteers from the churches in Fiji for VBS.
  • For an effective and evangelistic VBS where 5 kids are saved by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Missions Director: Brett McIntosh

Email: bmcintosh@missionbible.org